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Novia was born in Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. As a child, expressing her thoughts through words was never her forte. However, when her Mama taught her the art of drawing, it began to open her heart to relate to others through strokes and colours.

Even after constantly moving jobs and countries, integrating new cultures and meeting new people, the passion for drawing has never left her, but rather, has driven her to share it with the younger generations.

Now living in Sydney (Dharug Country), she aims to incorporate her expertise as a former early childhood teacher and graphic designer, to continue this passion through children book illustrations.

Her inspiration flows from the candid interactions, conversations, and ideas of the young children that she has taught, as well as her toddler at home.

She envisions herself as a bridge between early years education and the creative art sector to nurture empathy and creativity through her drawings, and stories.



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